The Corpus Christi facility was announced in 2011 and acquired property along the Port Corpus Christi in 2012. M&G Resins USA has completed all necessary State and Federal permits required for construction which began in December of 2014.

M&G Chemicals is strategically located in Port Corpus Christi with close proximity to railroads, highways and the Gulf of Mexico. The plant, on a 410-acre property along the port’s north bank of the Inner Harbor, is also situated within a couple of miles from plenty of refineries that produce feedstock needed to manufacture PET and PTA.

The new PET plant will have a nominal production capacity of 1.1 million tons per year, while the plant for integrated PTA, the primary raw material used to make PET, will have a nominal production capacity of 1.3 million tons per year. In January 2016 the project has been upgraded in order to increase both nominal and actual expected production by over 100kMT. All necessary State and Federal permits for the added capacity have been completed.

The plant will implement the M&G Chemicals Easy-Up PET technology and IntegRex PTA technology for the production of PET and PTA respectively. The M&G Chemicals Easy-up process (also known as "Horizontal Continuous Inclined Reactor - "HCIRR") requires just half the equipment compared to conventional technologies for the production of PET. The HCIRR takes advantage of the energy coming from the previous step of the process (Continous Polymerization "CP"), in which the base monomer is first generated from raw materials and then polymerized in melted phase.

The HCIRR reactor works in a special gas atmosphere, which allows the use of smaller size equipment. Core of the technology is the horizontal kiln reactor, which allows the perfect plug flow, equivalent to 500 Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor ("CSTR") in series. The product is finally cooled and is ready to be shipped to costumers.